This Week in Music #27 – Night time with your shades on

Hello reader, if you’re lucky you might find yourself in the middle of an increasingly lovely January after what was the worst start to a summer I can remember in a few years. If you are (and even if you aren’t) you might be thinking – I need some grooves in my life right now which I can play whenever I’m cruising out to take in the nightlife, well guess what!? You’re in luck if you are!

I want to start with two separate tracks from one artist which I have not been able to stop listening to since I came across them on The Guardian yesterday, they’re a group called Ekkah from Birmingham in the UK, and they pretty much encapsulate the quintessential sound you want playing in your ear when you’re sharing a drink with someone you think could be quite special! I’ll be following them closely, and hopefully they’ll release a full album soon – I’d love to check them out when I head UK way in March.

Ekkah – Last Chance to Dance

“If you wanna have a cigarette, I can come and meet you outside, soon.” Man, if that doesn’t sum up dating life I don’t know what does. I’m embarrassed how many times I feigned being a smoker to chat to girls when I was in London in 2013.

Ekkah – Only U 4 Me

 Well I think that was lovely too, damn I am all ears for a full LP release, anyway let’s kick things up a notch on the BPM shall we? The next (and final) couple of tracks are from a 22 year old producer called KAYTRANADA, it’s lovely to see such great music across this post from such young artists, and KAYTRANADA’s warm, lounge-to-the-club beats do it just right for me.

KAYTRANADA – Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)

Seriously check this guy out, his tracks are quite diverse but underlying rhythm is something which is ever-present in his creations. Here’s another combination of KAYTRANADA and Shay Lia, just creating beauty – loving that synth coming through, conjures thoughts of an 8-bit metropolis in my mind.


Well there you go, I think that’s one of my more refreshing playlists in a while – I hope that goes down well with your cider.


Cynicism & Selfies

The societal environment I enjoy the pleasure of being raised in is one of considered narcissism, those whom think X is better than Y, and the eternally migraine inducing “it was better in the <insert decade>”*. Now I say enjoy, because I do enjoy it – I, and most of my peers were fortunate enough to be born into families that could afford life’s luxuries like housing, heating, food, education, etc. I don’t think anyone should feel guilty about this situation, however the actions we pursue in hand with this privilege are important, because most of the world will never get to appreciate what we have.

And so I arrive at the topic of this post, cynicism – I’m sick of this privileged cynical bullshit I see & hear spouted daily. Now I’m not going to go into a socialistic rant (although I should, but won’t – cause y’know, I have the privilege to not have to consciously think about my economic status), however I will express my disdain at all this intellectual fallacy we find ourselves in. Let’s take for example the selfie – Stupid? Yes. Narcissistic? Yes. However, we find ourselves in a cultural ethos that lavishes praise upon carefully curated social identities, it is therefore unfair to criticise those who are merely trying to behave like social creatures, which humans are.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not immune to this antagonistic trail of thought – I used to think Led Zeppelin was better than all other music. Period. However, the current state of mind I reside in is even if you’re at the top of your field, your opinion only contains the weight which society awards you. You could argue that Mondrian, Monet, and, Picasso are pieces of crap that elicit no emotional response, you’d be a moron in my opinion, but you are allowed to consider the possibility that all critical reflection thus far, even the framework upon which it exists could be wrong. Perhaps the most highly rated School of Art in Paris doesn’t garner creativity, but instead hampers it, narrowing its pupils thoughts to reflect its particular vision.

Finding yourself in resentment of the social environment you find yourself in is fair, however the great aspect of societal life, is unlike science and math, there aren’t black and white correct ways of living, as a community we can create standards, best practices, what the crew down at the pub think is best, but we’re all wrong, we’re all seriously wrong and right for that matter! Isn’t that fantastic!?

*Whenever I hear the 50s was the greatest decade ever I figuratively pluck my eyes out and blend them. “Let’s go back to the generation of segregation, homophobia, international paranoia Woooo! “

This Week in Music #26

Hello friends, family, readers, online associates, algorithm-driven spiders. It’s Summer, and you know what that means – chill out music is in its meteorological prime! I’ve done you all a favour and stuck my ear to the woodwork to find some great chill out tunes.

Häzel – Badoowap

Well that was lovely wasn’t it, I think I’ll have a cider and give you some J Dilla – are you okay with that?*

J Dilla – So Far To Go

This one is seriously a favourite of mine right now, stick around to the 3:00 minute mark for the warm fuzzy vibes to emerge from the track. I think Mount Kimbie are going to get some serious air time on my speakers this summer.

Mount Kimbie – Ruby

No chill-out playlist would be complete without the utter beauty that is Nujabes’ music. The way he blended hip hop & traditional japanese music is a treat for your ears, sit outside and enjoy this one in the sun.**

Nujabes – Aruarian Dance

I hope you enjoyed all of those tracks, I can’t recommend Nujabes enough (I think he’s my most frequently occurring artist), also Mount Kimbie is great for all times of the day. I’ll let you know about Häzel and J Dilla later down the line as I’m just getting into them at the moment.

*I’m talking to myself, not you the reader.
**Sorry northern hemisphere readers.